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In The Ponds - Polar Night - OUT NOW

We are more than proud to announce the release of "Polar Night" by In the Ponds!

IN THE PONDS is what happens when a poet and a filmmaker get married and start an instrumental rock band during pandemic lockdowns and California wildfires. It’s when they spend their honeymoon in quarantine, staring at soot-filled skies wondering how to capture feelings of isolation, dread, and love without using words. The result is three EPs that pay homage to classic rock roots while experimenting with non-traditional song structures for a sound that’s both familiar and otherworldly.

Polar Night and the EPs to follow—Fever Canyon and Last Stop Ranch—were recorded by guitarist David Perez and mixed by Art Bertik. The front cover artwork and the music video for “Lonesome George” were both created by bassist Jennifer Gigantino.

Couldn't be happier to have them join the Entelodon family!

Links to check them out below! Also check out the music video:


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