Entelodon Volume II: The EPIC 2-Disc Compilation

We are proud to announce that our HUGE 2-disc compilation is out and starting to make it's way out to the bands and the masses. This has been a huge effort by Art Bertik-Marquez and myself (Augustine Ortiz, Jr). This list of bands not only includes bands on Entelodon Records but some friends and bands we have produced and worked with. It is a very eclectic mix but we stand behind each and every band as something we enjoy and hope you enjoy also. This is a true mix of underground music and these are musicians that pour their soul into their work. Take a listen, share, and buy their music. Help us all make the world LOUDER!

Colossal Swan Dive Wins SFR Album of the Year

Photo Credit: Katy Gross This has been a great year for Entelodon Records and we just got a huge review in the Santa Fe Reporter as part of their music issue. Great reviews for Dysphotic and Octaveleven. But the guys that won one of the "Album of the Year" awards is the mighty Colossal Swan Dive! You can read the review here: http://www.sfreporter.com/santafe/article-12086-reviewed.html And buy the album: https://colossalswandive.bandcamp.com/releases

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