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CORBIN PFEFFER (Vocals/Bass), ZAC HOGAN (Guitar)

"Musically, this is one of the heaviest things I’ve ever heard. The oppressive soundscapes of crushing guitars and ruthless percussion are broken by the occasional pickslide or faint suggestion of melody, but otherwise, this will murderfuck your brain and eardrums into beautiful oblivion."

“Alternations of dark and foreboding with hammer to the face is the name of the game”

“Dysphotic have a precocious knack for crafting songs that give off great rancid clouds of putrefaction and peril, while at the same time making them so catchy that you find them squirming through your head like parasitic brain worms.”

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Dysphotic was formed in 2015 by guitarist Zac Hogan and drummer Ben Durfee. The duo was eventually joined by then-bassist Augustine Ortiz, and shortly after released their debut EP ‘Chaos Terrain.’ In the months following the release, Hogan and Durfee swiftly wrote thirteen songs and in early 2017 began recording the towering amount of material at Ortiz’ studio, The Decibel Foundry, in Santa Fe, NM.  


Upon tracking nearly all of the instrumentals for the album, Dysphotic recruited Corbin Pfeffer for the role of bassist/vocalist. Over the following months, in collaboration with Durfee, Pfeffer completed tracking what would be the band’s most defining and punishing vocals to date. Ortiz then transitioned from bass to lead guitar, writing searing solos and deranged layers of harmony, which added a new depth to their sound. Subsequently, the recording process was finished and the album was finally complete.


The debut full-length ‘The Eternal Throne’ is due out November of 2018, in collaboration with Entelodon Records, and hosts eleven tracks of incessant, grinding death, offering fans a first glimpse of Dysphotic’s vision of a world without light.


Dysphotic consider themselves in large part a death metal band, although critics would be quick to point out a menacing undercurrent of tremolo-laden black metal influence. With a penchant for harnessing dissonance within their writing, the group weaves threads of unease and tension throughout their oppressive sound. Pioneering an uncompromising bleak niche of their own, Dysphotic is an amalgam of swirling chaos and surgical precision.

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