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Serena - Vocals 
Dan - Bass 
Frankee - Guitar 
Tex - Drums

Formed from a band contest hosted by alternative/rock radio station 104.1 The Edge, Blinddryve has been a staple of New Mexican metal for years. Founding member Daniel Gonzales has been playing bass since the beginning. Guitarist Frankee Romero, drummer Tex Salander, and vocalist Sirena each add their own personal touch to the classic metal style. The result is a well rounded combination of subgenres, from thrash metal to melodic rock.   Blinddryve has rocked  alongside local favorites like Savage Wizdom and Carrion Kind, as well as mainstream bands such as Asking Alexandria, Powerman 500, and Def Tones.

Since their inception, Blinddryve clearly had musical talent that deserved to be noticed. They were even on the radar in Hollywood. The band were on set for the movie Odd Thomas, and they were also featured in short film clips and other projects. The flexibility of Blinddryve is apparent with the diversity of bands that have shared the stage with them. The variety of subtle subgenres is surprisingly nuanced. Blinddryve are just as comfortable headlining a local show, as they are supporting nationally acclaimed acts.

Blinddryve has performed on many stages, in different kinds of venues throughout the country. They have been featured on a variety of radio stations across the nation. They pair well with other rock bands of all types and subgenres. They are still going strong after years of playing. This versatility is what makes them so memorable.  Their newest EP, entitled “Remember”, drops on May 18, 2018. The release party features a performance by Blinddryve ,with support from other local favorites, including Destroy to Recreate, Ashes of Jupiter, Southbound, and Red Rage.

-Chery Lynn

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